Data Quality

Good quality geofences and geocodes can leverage your team’s data capture to maximum efficiency while working in the field. That represents more accurate reporting, validation of visits, and accurate service compliance.


Data delivered just right! Geocodes defined by address, description, and business name are validated meticulously by a battle-proven algorithm. Reverse Geocode is also possible with our secure and effective machine learning process. Stop geocoding by the mailing address and use the top-of-the-building data.

Human Curation

All our data is processed and curated by people, which means satellite validation, street view and visual inspection on every geofence created. We love our team as much as you love your data.

Offering You A More

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Tailored Solution

Every location on earth has a global address. Because the address is in numbers, people can communicate about location no matter what language they might speak. A global address is given as two numbers called coordinates, routing systems, execution platforms and last mile applications consume this data to provide better results and reporting.

Some Of Our Case Studies

Dive Deeper Into Our Client Work

Leading Solution Provider Leverages Geocode Pro for Geofencing Excellence

Seeking rapid growth, a renowned retailer employed Geocode Pro to simultaneously deploy geocoded data across 8952 new locations. Leveraging its advanced capabilities, Geocode Pro expedited the rollout, ensuring accurate geocodes for each site. Result? Enhanced efficiency in logistics, precise customer targeting, and optimal resource allocation. Geocode Pro’s accelerator approach saved valuable time and effort, propelling the retailer to achieve widespread success across its expanded footprint.”

Elevate Merchandising and Last Mile Efficiency with Expert Geofencing

A prominent solution provider integrated Geocode Pro to enhance its services, enabling seamless geofencing within its app. By leveraging Geocode Pro’s robust capabilities, the company effortlessly established precise virtual boundaries, enriching user experiences and enhancing location-based functionalities. Geocode Pro’s integration empowered the solution provider to offer tailored notifications, personalized marketing campaigns, and location-based insights, driving customer engagement and loyalty.

Transforming Retail Success: Hand-Curated Geofencing Unleashes Last Mile Potential.

A leading retailer deployed expert-curated geofencing, revolutionizing data capture for merchandising and last mile operations. Handcrafted geofences enabled pinpoint accuracy, delivering granular insights into customer footfall and preferences. This data turbocharged merchandising strategies, optimizing product placements and promotions. Moreover, for last mile operations, precise geofencing facilitated real-time tracking, streamlined deliveries, and improved customer satisfaction.

Geocode Glitches Spoiling Your Last Mile Victory? Let Us Optimize Your Path!

Reach out to us now and allow us to handle the heavy lifting for you.

Why Work With Us?

2 words: Human Curated

In the fast-paced world of modern logistics and last mile delivery, accuracy and efficiency are non-negotiable. Your company’s success hinges on timely and precise deliveries that delight customers and optimize your operations. While automated solutions have their merits, here’s why partnering with a human-curated third-party geocoding company can be a game-changer for your routing and last mile tools implementation: